Krzysztof Wodiczko

On Behalf of the Public Domain

Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland

June 26 – September 13, 2015

Press Release

Currently on view at Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, is the retrospective Kryzsztof Wodiczko: On Behalf of the Public Domain. The exhibition presents work from 1969 through 2014 and documents Wodiczko's development of large-scale projections and interactive instruments and the vehicles he created for use in public spaces. The exhibition illuminates Wodiczko's diverse practice and highlights the importance of his early works, which marked the beginning of the passage from artistic to political, issue-driven concepts and his shift from the private sphere to public space. 

The artist explores the relationships between communities, history, and public space and intends to empower marginalized individuals and communities by shedding light on societal injustices. Seminal works on view include the spatial installation Passage, 1972, which was specially reconstructed for the exhibition. A selection of drawings reveals the artist’s development of major ideas and technical designs for vehicles and projections on public monuments.

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